Last updated November 20, 2015.



Hello friends and family, as you may or may not know, for the past 6 months I've been relentlessly pursuing a dream of mine, creating the best social stock trading platform for past, present, & future generations!​ My passion about the stock market started young when an older cousin of mine stayed over for a week and I would see him make thousands of dollars a day trading from my freaking living room! I was hooked and never stopped learning. In college decided to get my degree in financing, but I always had an entrepreneurial mindset and never planned to work for anyone. I was always looking for multiple other ways to create a income on top of trading part time with a small account! Long story short I was able to pay my school tuition with a few grand left over and I added it into my trading account that after a short time period turned went from few thousand to a few 10's of thousands. Right when the word got out of my success with trading I was bombarded with a million questions by friends, family, and even strangers! That's when I got this idea!


We live in a world where most people are struggling financially. You know how people talk about the light at the end of the tunnel? Well, most people don't see that light. I want to give people a way out by teaching how they can make money trading stocks like I did. Most people think it's complicated, but when you know what to look for it's very predictable and anybody with access to internet can do it! I want to create a place that can help people who worked hard for their money learn how to have money work for them!


Think of this like a social media site for people that want to learn and make money trading! ​​​​​​Create your own profile and interact with other traders. I want to teach others by giving them access to my:​

✔ Daily Watchilist, stocks that I am watching for the day.

✔ Trade Alerts, get notified every time I buy or sell a stock in real-time.

✔​ Video Lessons, understand my thought process, strategies, and rules I follow and then implement in your own trades.

✔ Moderated Chatroom, where we all can trade together alongside with some of the best traders around! Imagine if you had 100's of people scanning the vast market together so none of us miss anything.​


My passion, vision, effort, & faith have lead me this far. Now, it is time for my vision to transform from an idea and business plan into reality. However, this process requires money (shocking)!

I am creating this to help others financially and that is why I am graciously reaching out to you kindhearted people for assistance to make a difference. I've poured my heart into this. I've put in hours, days, and months of work because I full heartedly believe this can make a positive impact in peoples lives. Anything you can give would be inexplicably appreciated. I promise to not stop until I make it happen, I know I can! I send an immense amount of gratitude, love, and positivity to you!​

Thank you all!​​





💰 $6,000 to get started. 

💰 $12,000 to developing beta version

💰 $25,000 to create and launch version 1.​